Aaron Jeskie

Software Developer

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Who is this guy?

This is Aaron. Simply put; he is a developer, he likes to code, he likes technology, he likes games, he likes logical puzzles, he likes craft beers, he likes cooking, he likes satifyingly simple things, he likes reading (namely on his kindle), he likes film, he likes art, he likes to take his work seriously (but not himself), and he likes to make references to films that most people wouldn't get (can you figure out what this text is in reference to?).
All in all. I am (mainly) a back-end developer who has focused mostly on Java and Java-esq languages (Scala/Groovy) and frameworks. I have worked on projects ranging from big data archetectures to embedded system and everything in between. Although I have focused mostly on Java throughout my career, I am always open to branching out and learning new languages to accomplish any task.

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